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The 澳门唯一正规官方网站 University Center celebrated 25 years in 2021.


“In every way, the Northwestern Michigan College is a people’s college. It was conceived in a regional desire for education and is being financed from the pockets of the poor and rich alike.”


These words were part of an “opening day” story about 澳门唯一正规官方网站 in the local newspaper — and they describe the whole mission and spirit of the institution, 过去和现在. 澳门唯一正规官方网站 was established because the citizens of northwest Michigan wanted the benefits of higher education for their children and themselves.

Citizens’ commitment and involvement has distinguished 澳门唯一正规官方网站 from the beginning. “It’s a can-do college,” one of our trustees has said. “Always has been.” From the college’s earliest home in borrowed facilities at the local airport, 澳门唯一正规官方网站 moved in 1956 to a spacious 100-acre campus under the pines and today has facilities at four additional locations in the Grand Traverse area.

澳门唯一正规官方网站 has become a source of “education” in the largest sense, a source of meaningful new knowledge, skills and experiences. This is our mission, after all, to “provide lifelong learning opportunities to our communities.”

Under the Pines: The Third Twenty Years book coverThree volumes of 澳门唯一正规官方网站 history have been published (the links below are to PDF versions of the books):

A Colorful Cast book coverPublished in 2014, A Colorful Cast is a retrospective chronicling the rise of visual arts in the Grand Traverse region and the legacy and rich history of the 澳门唯一正规官方网站 Art Department. It is available for $29.95 in the Dennos Museum Store.

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澳门唯一正规官方网站 music director Jeffrey Cobb recorded an instrumental version of a mysterious 澳门唯一正规官方网站赞美诗. Other than its composer, L. Marguerite House, little is known about its origin and use.

Our northland home, we sing to thee,
Northwestern by the Bay

The scarlet of your sunset,
Against a sea of grey
We cheer your colors, let them wave,
And bring our college fame
Northwestern by the Bay,
All honor to thy name